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Salos Services delivers analysis and insights with experience and empathy.

At Salos Services, we don’t believe that data should be an overwhelming obstacle that drowns an organization’s productivity, efficiency or profitability. Instead, we see data as an enormous, often untapped, resource that requires an agile navigator. That’s where we come in, to help steer the ship and set the course. Salos Services is a Colorado-based partnership with experience in business processes and business intelligence across many industries and cultures. While some of these businesses may not have the time, effort, or the expertise to acquire, understand, and analyze their data,  Salos Services provides this important and vital service. We help businesses, nonprofits and foundations use their data to gain insights, solve problems and make better decisions. And, we make it understandable, actionable and even a little bit enjoyable during the process. Our collaborative and helpful approach means that we approach Business Intelligence as an ongoing service rather than a one-time project. As a result, we get to know each organization we work with and become invested in their success. We also give back—2% of Salos Services revenue goes to the community through charitable donations.

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We measure our success by the trust and respect we earn from others.



We love what we do, and help others however we can, whenever we can.

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We believe that success is best achieved as a team.

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We live for developing creative solutions to complex problems.

meet the team

Barrett Johnson Headshot

barrett johnson

managing partner

Barrett has spent his entire career working with data and analytics with companies across many industries as a consultant and in industry. Formed Salos Services with Jason Herron to help more companies especially nonprofits and SMBs utilize their data. Our goal is to be a great partner and provide the expertise to help them utilize data as an asset.

Barrett is also proud of the other titles he holds including husband, father, soccer player, director on a nonprofit board, backpacker, snowboarder, and dog owner.

Jason Herron Headshot

jason herron

managing partner

With more than 16 years of software experience, Jason knows how to leverage technology to solve complex issues. Jason has worked with many companies in the Fortune Global 500. His exposure to a myriad of industries resulted in a rich experience in solving diverse and unique problems. Jason has worn many different hats over his career, which gives him a diverse and unique perspective on working with others to help solve issues.

Sami Elosta Headshot

sami elosta

director of sales

Sami’s career has been centered around B2B Sales and Management. He considers sales to be an authentic partnership and that great managers help their employees and companies rise to their full potential. Sami is a strong believer that data is an underutilized resource and is passionate about helping companies unleash their true potential, allowing them to flourish into the companies they want to be.

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