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our approach

the salos services
   approach to business intelligence

Through iterative development, we create processes and reports that give your organization the data it needs to answer key business questions such as: How do we increase sales? Whom should we market to? How can we best fulfill our mission statement and maximize funds? What processes can we streamline? As an agile organization, we also understand that as your business grows, the Business Intelligence it needs must also evolve. To deliver accurate and incisive reporting and results, we implement the following methodology for any Business Intelligence project:

Report Methodology
Speech bubbels
Identify Business Questions
Identify Data Source & Availability
Gear connected to people
Identify Stakeholders & Audience
Magnifying Glass
Identify Actionable Metrics
X and checkmark
Understand Frequency Of Decisions
Determine Deliverability

our technology

link to virtually any database
and compile data into one place


By using our proprietary software, Neptune, Salos Services can link to virtually any database and compile its data into one place. Our developers are also constantly evolving Neptune to ensure it meets the data and Business Intelligence needs of the future. Potential data sources include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Point of Sale (POS)
Financial Systems
Inventory Management Systems
Operational Systems
Public Data
Flat files

our reporting:

Once we collect all your data and automate its collection, we present it as intuitive and actionable visual representations that can be customized to your needs or preference.  These dashboards, reports, charts, and graphics provide a clear picture, allowing for swifter and more accurate action. With data visualization, you can find new patterns and trends, which can lead to new approaches and solutions.

salos report examples

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