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Business Intelligence is not just for large corporations. Business Intelligence can benefit any organization that wants to be more efficient with time, money, and resources. With Business Intelligence, companies can identify inefficiencies and automate data-related tasks to reduce time and costs drastically. As a result, businesses can focus on their mission and goals, rather than on data compilation and reporting.

No matter the size of the business, many functions can benefit from quality Business Intelligence, including:

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Executives, managers, and leaders can use advanced dashboards and visualizations to understand a company holistically and break through silos. No more data wrangling or reports to compile. With Business Intelligence, information you can trust comes to you—not the other way around.

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Sales leaders and account managers can use Business Intelligence to leverage their resources more effectively. As a result, it’s easier to identify leads and targets, find additional revenue opportunities, and nurture current client relationships.

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Operations teams can find efficiencies and determine actionable insights. Salos Services can help optimize an organization’s processes and administration by finding opportunities for automation and specialization.


At Salos Services, we’ve helped nonprofits maximize their efforts while minimizing costs and report on it to the satisfaction of their grantors and funders. These nonprofits now effectively use data to answer business questions, efficiently analyze information, and create actionable results. Here are three examples of nonprofits that saw substantial benefits after implementing a Business Intelligence process with Salos Services and its proprietary systems and technology.

"Salos Services is very approachable—it’s just so easy to talk to them. What I enjoyed most about working with Salos Services is their nurturing and supportive approach. I felt like I had a personal coach and found the experience of working together to be both informative and enjoyable."

Ryan Jeffers, Impact Manager

WorkLife Partnership

"As a company without much experience in the Business Intelligence world, it was a huge help to have Salos Services show us all the incredible ways to view, access, and then put action behind our data. We absolutely could not run our business day to day without the services provided by the Salos team."

Trevor Ralph, Director of Marketing

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Many growing companies struggle to streamline processes to maximize efficiency as they scale. At Salos Services, we use data to tell a story and answer important business questions. By answering these questions, the companies we work with can increase revenue, decrease costs and scale more quickly. Here are two examples of companies that saw substantial benefits after implementing a Business Intelligence process with Salos Services and its proprietary systems and technology.

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